34 thoughts on “Your class guest!

  1. Hello Beep
    Hope you and the oakies are having fun. Will I get to meet you when I come to visit the orsanauts?

    Live long and work smart

    Professor Ellie

  2. Amazing – I saw 11 Oakies on the blog over the weekend – Hi to you all!
    Where have the rest of you been?
    When you log in to say Hi you could tell me what you did over the weekend!

    • Your class look like they might be OBMs Mrs Gill.
      OBM stands for Outstanding Bloggers in the Making!
      I wonder if the rest of the Oakies will login and say hi. Mr L has put a button at the top of the page to make it easier to find where to login.


  3. This is lamora favourite place in the whole school,she talk about it ever day the things she does while she’s in Forest school

    • Hi Lamora
      What is forest school – I know nothing about it! I love reading about all the learning you do at ORCS, so maybe you could tell me about Forest School?

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